Yamagata Pref. Announces Extension of Direct Bus Services Between Sendai Airport and Yamagata

2024/3/18 14:16:06

- Convenient Transportation Means to Visit Cherry Blossom-Viewing Spots -

YAMAGATA, Japan, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Yamagata Prefectural Government announced that direct bus services between Sendai Airport and Yamagata Prefecture, operated by Yamako Bus Co. Ltd. and Shonai Kotsu Co. Ltd., have been resumed for the cherry blossom season. Shonai Kotsu will also resume the operation of direct bus services between Sendai Airport and Shonai (Sakata city) in the northeastern Japanese prefecture of Yamagata.

The direct bus services will allow travelers entering Japan through Sendai Airport to readily enjoy trips to Yamagata Prefecture. As Yamagata Prefecture is home to many famous cherry blossom-viewing spots, travelers are recommended to use the direct bus services to visit the prefecture in the upcoming spring.

Information on bus services
Yamako Bus Co., Ltd. (no reservations needed)

Bus service schedule (*Same applies from April 1 onward):

Shonai Kotsu Co., Ltd. (reservations required):

Bus service schedule (until March 31):

Bus service schedule (from April 1 onward):

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Famous cherry blossom-viewing spots in Yamagata Prefecture

- Kajo Park
Yoshiaki Mogami, one of prominent feudal lords in northeastern Japan during the country's warring states period, played a pivotal role in the construction of "Yamagata Castle." The castle was designated as a national historic site in 1986 and recognized as one of Japan's top 100 castles in 2006. It is Yamagata City's pre-eminent cherry blossom-viewing spot where about 1,500 cherry trees bloom in spring. The "Kajo Cherry Blossom Festival" coincides with the blooming of cherry trees that are lit up at night.

Cherry blossom-viewing season: from around early April to mid-April

- Eboshiyama Park
"Eboshiyama Park," overlooking the Okitama Basin, is in the Akayu Onsen hot-spring town, where visitors can enjoy local scenery and views for all four seasons -- appreciating cherry blossoms in spring, green leaves in summer, and colored leaves in autumn. The "Akayu Onsen Cherry Blossom Festival" is held from early April to late April every year, with cherry blossoms lit at night. Visitors can leisurely enjoy cherry blossom viewing from the hot spring town while staying there overnight as they can look up at cherry blossoms from the town.

Cherry blossom-viewing season: mid-April to late April

- Hiyoriyama Park
"Hiyoriyama Park," where the sunset over the Sea of Japan stirs up travelers' sentiment, is a popular destination for cherry blossom viewing. The "Sakata Hiyoriyama Cherry Blossom Festival" is held every year in mid-April when about 400 cherry trees such as the "Somei-yoshino" variety are in full bloom, with "bonbori" paper lanterns lit up at night. In the park, there is one of the oldest wooden hexagonal lighthouses in Japan, a direction stone, and a half-size replica of a "sengokubune" cargo ship that used to be active in bygone years, among others, creating the atmosphere of a port town.

Cherry blossom-viewing season: mid-April to late April